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Rubber Moulding

Rubber Moulding is a process applying which long-serving diverse types of Rubber Products such Rubber Moulds, Pads, Sponge, Rings and Rubber Clamps are made. In this, rubber products are made from an elastomers or uncurred rubber. In Rubber Moulding Process, molded rubber parts are created by pressing a big sized block of rubber into a rubber moulding metal cavity. After this activity, rubber parts are then exposed to an activated chemical process or heat. There are varied methods used to produce rubber moulded parts. Amongst all the methods, the three crucial ones which are unavoidable are compression molding, rubber injection molding, transfer molding.


Key Points

Perfect to low and medium volumes of productions, this rubber moulding process is apt for making molded rubber seals, O-rings, gaskets and various other heavy parts

  • Efficient and the most economic method of production
  • Customized solutions are easily provided through this process
  • Excellent quality of rubber molding machines are used in process

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