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Extrusion Section

In our Extrusion Section, customers will find a wide impressive line of products such as EPDM Profiles, Drum Rings and various Extruded Parts. Extrusion Section is a process that is utilized for making straight and long metal parts. The form of cross-sections can be diverse such as rectangular, T-Shape, L-Shape, Solid Round, Tubes and much more. This process is applied by squeezing metal in die, taking help of a hydraulic press. In this process of extrusion, diverse cross-sections can be made. Also, this cost-effective process not just produces excellent quality of Extruded Parts but also the longer-serving ones. Excellent surface finish of offered Extrusion Section, Silicon Tubes, Sponge Rubber, etc, is due to application of this process.

Key Points

  • Extrusion is a process utilized to develop products of a firm cross-sectional profile
  • High production of volumes can be done in extrusion process
  • Diverse raw materials can be used in this continuous process
  • Finds tremendous use in making automotive products, hollow pipes and plastic objects

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